Special Works

Breakwater Moulds

Steel moulds for the construction of stone blocks. A project outside conventional structures, based on large steel molds whose interior is covered with concrete in order to be used as a breakwater and dissipate wave energy. An efficient tool applied in the maritime industry. Each mold has a square base with a large protrusion on each of its faces, which gives it the characteristic prismatic shape of this element.

This design, together with the type of concrete used, makes it the perfect protection for dikes. It is a reality that with the passage of time, the traditional concrete cubes deteriorate in their faces, as a result of the force of the waves, which finally turn it into a compact structure that loses functionality. Thanks to the protrusions of its design, these concrete blocks not only present a much more optimized hydraulic solution but also their production cost is more economical.The engineering was developed by client.

  • Client
  • RSB Formwork Technology
  • Category
  • Geometrical formwork
  • Engineering
  • Date Created
  • 2018