About us

Our history began in 1984

Values as mutual help, responsability, democracy, equality, equity, solidarity and quality are the main piers where CALDIBE is supported. Our mission is being better everyday with the help of a human force that shares the passion for the well done work.

We provide quality & cost-efective solutions to the civil work, always looking for stable trade relations through the improvement of the customer trust, promoting the wellness of the employees and to contributing ethically to the community development.

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What clients say

Caldibe constitutes a strategic partner at the moment of confronting special formwork projects. Their experience, professionalism and the great human team contributes an added value to all the works in which takes part leaving their stamp of quality and efficiency.

Formwork Technical Manager

CALDIBE's commitment with its customers contribute a tranquility for any projects that addresses special formwork. The professionalism and dedication they bring to their work are their best values.

Special Projects Coordinator

Working with CALDIBE is an extraordinary experience because the professionals who make their staff and always provide a different, new and efficient special point of view on special custom formworks.

Formwork & Falsework Civil Work Manager

Our team

Our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector. A staff with a high degree of specialisation and commitment to the company in constant training, adapting to market innovations.

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According to the European Directive on Construction Products, all products manufactured to be incorporated into construction works, both building and civil works, throughout the European Union's internal market must have their CE mark in accordance with the European reference standards. In the case of metal structures, this standard corresponds to EN 1090. Caldibe, S.A. has this accreditation as well as the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 3834-2
Certified Welding Quality

EN 15085-2
Certified Welding Quality

EN 1090-1
Certified Structures

Experts in customized structures

We provide the most cost effective solutions for formwork & falsework.