The guidelines that make up CALDIBE, S.A.'s Quality Policy, formally expressed by its Managing Director, are as follows

  • 1. To meet the needs of each client, providing the required products and achieving their full satisfaction by seeing their expectations fulfilled service after service.
  • 2. Comply with the legislation and regulations in force and any other contractual requirements that Caldibe subscribes to in the development of its activity.

  • 3. Extend the care and supervision of the products in all its phases of elaboration, internal and external, looking for the suitability of suppliers and means of production.
  • 4. To promote the qualification of all its members and their involvement in improving the level of customer service, offering a cooperative and close treatment, meeting the established deadlines and resolving any incident quickly and effectively.


According to the European Directive on Construction Products, all products manufactured to be incorporated into construction works, both building and civil works, throughout the European Union's internal market must have their CE mark in accordance with the European reference standards. In the case of metal structures, this standard corresponds to EN 1090. Caldibe, S.A. has this accreditation as well as the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

ISO 3834
ISO 3834-2
Cert. Welding Quality

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 certificate 3834 Spanish
EN 15085-2
Cert. Welding Quality

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 certificate 15085 Spanish
EN 1090-1
Certified Structures

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